How to write a song


Chose a theme, list as many words or phrases that describe your theme.
Questions, settings, feelings etc.

Select your favorite words/phrases from your list. Come up with as many creative versions/synonyms as you can. This will guide your lyrics.

Decide on the structure of your song: verse 1 | pre-chorus | chorus | verse 2 | pre-chorus | chorus | bridge | chorus.

4-Chord progression
Chose a basic chord progression. This can be adjusted later. Think of it as your song’s canvas.
Verse: G D/F#m Em Cadd9 D

Using your word list, come up with a chorus that tells the main theme. This is where the title usually lives and where emotions are found.

Write your verses to help set the stage of the song. You can describe the setting, background story, causes, situations, reasons for your feelings etc.

7-Pre chorus (optimal)
Create your pre-chorus as a way to link the verse to the chorus and introduce feelings. The melody and chords should also propel energy into the chorus.

Create your bridge as a brand new idea in the song. It can be reflection on feelings, answers, the effect to the cause or any additional feelings.

Melody can happen before, during or after. Using your chord progression, sing through your lyrics freely. Try variations, record everything!!

10-Revis & Complete
Once you have finished rough draft, adjust lyrics, that seem out of place. Try different melodies until your finished project has become YOUR ART.

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